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The SPACEWORKS Philosophy

Concealed high-tech appliances integrated in sleek, architectonical-conscious rows of cabinetry; select and carefully harmonized materials; effect lighting subtly enhancing artwork and feature walls; comfortable seating zones designed for quiet repose or lively interaction.


This is how today's kitchen designers envisage a room that over the past two decades has been transformed from a pure functional, isolated cooking-space into the hub of the home. One can say to where it originally belonged centuries ago, long before the industrialization age and its bonded exodus from the rural burgs to the cities began. It was at that time the natural center of the family life, the place where the fire, the water, the supplies and the most activity gathered.


Kitchens truly have become multi-purpose lifestyle spaces, it is probably the room we spend more waking hours in than any other, using the kitchen as a place to cook, dine, work, study, socialize and entertain. As a result, the average-sized kitchen has become much bigger, doubling in size within the past two generations. It's also become the room homeowners are more willing to invest in financially, quite more than in a living room for example.


A kitchen today is a highly personalized industrial product but not only that, there are also a couple of other important components to keep in mind; first the planning and last but not least the installation. In order to achieve a happy ending all three elements should share the same level of quality. In other words, you can probably obtain a better result investing in affordable cabinets and appliances if the planning and the installation are masterly performed than by expending a lot in luxury brands in case that design and the fitting are poor. In short, you’ll need the right interior architect (better if one that also cooks!) to plan your kitchen and a team of experienced joiners to assemble it.

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